A Comprehensive Guide to Club 16 Personal Training Cost


At Club 16, we prioritize your fitness goals, and our personal training packages testify to this commitment. In this comprehensive guide, we are unmasking the quintessential aspects of the Club 16 personal training costs, ensuring that you reap the best value for your money.

Benefits of Personal Training at Club 16

Personal training is a valuable investment in your overall health. At Club 16, your personal training journey encompasses daily exercise routines, nutrition advice, personalized workout plans, and continuous support. Our major focus is your health transformation, coupled with the bond of trust and inspiration that our personal trainers forge with our clients.

Club 16 Personal Training: A Value Proposition

Understanding the cost of personal training at Club 16 necessitates comprehending the value proposition it offers. Club 16 is not just a gym – it’s a comprehensive health and fitness hub, with a bouquet of amenities such as yoga sessions, cycling studios, turf zones, saunas, and much more! These benefits, coupled with personal training, render value much beyond the price you pay.

The Average Cost of Personal Training at Club 16

Pricing for personal training at Club 16 varies, much like it does with any fitness offering. The major determinants include the number of sessions, the experience of the coach, one’s specific health goals, and the length of commitment. On average, the Club 16 personal training cost range from $40 – $90 per session.

Price Breakdown: The Basics

To offer an all-inclusive insight, let’s breakdown our average prices:

  1. Single Sessions: The cost for single personal training sessions at Club 16 is approximately $85 – $90. This option is ideal for members requiring quick tips or an occasional fitness boost.
  2. Ten Sessions Package: Booking bulk sessions can significantly decrease individual session costs, bringing the price down to around $65 – $70 per session. The 10 Sessions Package is ideal for consistent progress over a medium-term period.
  3. Twenty Sessions Package: Our 20 sessions package further reduces the cost per session to approximately $45 – $50. This package is designed for long-term, dedicated fitness enthusiasts looking to make a big body transformation.

Commitment to Affordability

At Club 16, we believe that fitness should be affordable. As such, we offer flexible payment options like monthly or upfront payments, allowing you to choose what’s best for your financial situation. Moreover, we provide special pricing for veterans, college students, and seniors, ensuring financial constraints are not a hurdle in your fitness journey.

Additional Cost Factors of Personal Training at Club 16

While the aforementioned prices already offer a generous bargain, there are other factors that could impact the overall Club 16 training cost. These variables include but are not limited to:

  1. Specialized Training: Specialized training plans, like weight loss or muscle building, may bear additional costs as it requires in-depth knowledge and specific competencies from our trainers.
  2. Inclusion of Nutritional Coaching: The inclusion of dietary advice within your training package could nudge the price upwards. Nutrition coaching renders a holistic approach to your fitness.

Maximizing Your Club 16 Personal Training Experience

Beyond the cost, we urge our members to capitalize on their personal training experience. For instance, adequately communicate your fitness goals to your trainer, ask stupid questions, and provide feedback on your progress. This will aid in making your personal training experience more effective and enriching.


We hope this comprehensive guide to the Club 16 personal training cost serves as your assistance compass, providing you with the necessary insights to make informed decisions. At Club 16, our commitment lies in your fitness transformation journey while offering services worth their cost. Your health is an investment, and at Club 16, we ensure it yields impressive returns.

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